Alexander Koslowski

Alexander Koslowski, or Sascha for short, was not only able to win a large crowd of fans and followers through his long-standing presence as a social media star on YouTube, but is also incredibly popular on his Instagram account.

Sascha is a self-made business man, a creative artist and a loving family man.

The Russian-born entrepreneur caused a sensation on social media with his YouTube channel “DieAussenseiter”, which he founded over 10 years ago with his cousin Dimitri.

With his sharp charisma and passionate artistic heart, Sascha is one of the most compelling pioneers in the influencer scene. He is a loving husband to his wife Paola and a doting father to their two little sons. 

The social media dream team lets their large and steadily growing community share in their young family happiness via their YouTube channel and Instagram account “The Koslowskis”. Alexander always pays special attention to the aesthetic and artistic quality of his content. 

Alexander Koslowski looks back on building a loyal community and looks forward to his growing family happiness, all the while with his eye on aesthetics and his heart full of passion.

Marketing: TiQuest Management GbR
Management: Henning Mielke, Markus Beele and Timo Schmid