Paola Maria Koslowski

Paola Maria, or Paola as she goes by on her social media platforms, has an enormous and dedicated following on both YouTube and Instagram, making her undeniably one of the top social media personalities in Germany. 

Paola is an elegant, natural beauty lover and an excited young mother.

In her vlog “Call of Beauty”, the fiery yet sympathetic half-Italian gives tips on make-up basics and lifestyle with wit and charm. Her following has grown steadily in no short part due to her chronicling her experiences as a young mother. 

With her husband Alexander Koslowski, Paola invites the online community to participate in their young family via their YouTube channel “Die Koslowskis”. Her open and warm manner, spiced with a refreshing pinch of self-irony makes her relatable and real. Yet with her passion for the luxury segment of the fashion and beauty industry, Paola is a star with glamour and a classic celebrity.

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