Bibi Bianca Claßen

Bianca Claßen, is the most successful beauty and lifestyle vlogger in Germany, but most people know her as “Bibi” .

Together with her husband Julian and their two children Emmi and Lio, the power woman lives in Cologne.

Back in 2012, her journey to becoming the 9th most successful beauty influencer in the world began with a braided hairstyle on YouTube.

Bibi is particularly successful on her YouTube channel “bibisbeautypalace”, on the Instagram account of the same name.

The multi-talent inspires with the most diverse videos and stories from her everyday life, challenges, recommendations or often comedy content together with her husband Julian. Other joint projects of the power couple include the popular podcast “Das ist ja Claße(n)”, as well as the TikTok channel “julianca”.

Thanks to her loyal community and wide reach, Bibi is one of the most influential personalities in Germany.