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Our Social Media Stars fascinate over 15 Mill. fans
… with their credibility, strong individual values, consistent look and feel, and vast media experience.

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The best

Our stars achieve millions of reach with their passion for what they love to do most: share emotions.

Julian Claßen


6.3 million followers

4 million subscribers

3.1 million followers

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen


559 thousand subscribers

246 thousand followers

148 thousand subscribers

Rafael Neugart


888 thousand followers

1.5 million subscribers

Claudelle Deckert


100 thousand followers

Tanja Makarić


375 thousand followers

Yassin Zamraoui


524 thousand followers

16 thousand followers

Bianca Schmitt


320 thousand followers

We represent some of Germany’s most successful social media stars

All our influencers are
style inspirers, idealists, experts, explainers and entrepreneurs

Credible product testimonials

Creative product presentations

Brand building with measurable ROI

Reputation-enhancing product placements

Storyteller with social relevance

Useful content

Experts for individual topics

Honest Friends

campaign planning

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Podcast





Mega Influencer Julian Claaßen
Mega Influencer Julian Claaßen

No artist
no deal

Our focus is to offer artists who are talented, determined, hard-working and motivated a healthy, down-to-earth foundation with our expertise and network.

In a steady dialogue we shape a long-lasting and sustainable career with the artist.

Customer and artist –
Success when it matches

Success is not defined by doing everything, but by what and how you do it.

Sometimes saying no to, or within, a campaign is the real guarantee of success.

That’s why honest dealings with the artist and the customer are absolutely paramount for us.

Super Influencer Rafael Neugart
Super Influencer Bianca Schmitt


A good story, is a crucial key to emotional brand charging.

The point here is not to tell fairy tales, but to bring the crucial brand facts with the personality of the artist into an entertaining informative context.

Maximum image transfer

We Are Family

Emotional, family oriented artists

Up To Date

Lifestyle campaigns on the pulse of time

One In A Million

Unique artists for unique products


What does influencer marketing mean at TiQuest?

In any case, influencer marketing does not mean a deal at any price. It means comparing the charisma and idea of a brand with the charisma and idea of an artist and seeing whether a common path has a chance of success and clarifying in advance how each party defines the success of the planned campaign for itself.

Which products can be advertised?

All those who fit the artist and to whom the artist fits.

Which products are not suitable for TiQuest Influencer Marketing?

Products that fundamentally have no reference to the artist, or where the reference must be constructed too much. This does not help customers, artists or TiQuest.

What does an influencer campaign cost?

Prices must be calculated individually depending on the scope. We differentiate here between the platforms on which the cooperation takes place, among other things, and calculate the usage rights according to individual, tailored formulas in the case of testimonial function for external channel cooperation.

Why is it worth hiring TiQuest?

If honest dealings and image transfer are a priority, you have come to the right place. We provide individual advice. The unique selling propositions of our artists are important to us and we consider them to be the decisive factor for success in a cooperation.

What is the performance review?

All of our artists bring character and good to exorbitantly high ranges. all of our artists bring character and good to exorbitantly high ranges. We do not see performance marketing as the basis for long-term success, but charging the brand with the image of the artists/and vice versa brings the higher performance in the long run. We think and work in long-term collaborations and not on “one shot wonders”.

Who will do the briefing?

The content is coordinated in a dialog. As for the way of communication, the artists always do it in their own language and style. The client will of course have time in advance to analyze the artist’s channel(s) and associated style for themselves. Here you can filter through research in advance for a possible cooperation, whether product and artist fundamentally match.

Which companies do you work with?

We have cooperated with hundreds of different partners since 2013. We have cooperated with hundreds of different partners since 2013. From corporations, companies worldwide, large German companies, to startups and smaller companies with vision, we are happy to have already gathered so many great experiences and to have each partner to implement individual cooperations.

(Pro7/Sat1, Ravensburger, Westwing, Gigaset, Edeka, Douglas, Tonies Box, got2b, Roborock, Just Spices, Best Secret, Parfumdreams, iDeal of Sweden, Paypal , Disney+, Media Markt / Saturn, Telekom, 1&1, Vodafone, Sky, ArtDeco, Bondi Sands, Oceans Apart, Xiaomi, Asambeauty, Guerlain, Givenchy, Emma Matratze, Pampers, Braun, Always Ultra, Onygo, Aknederm, McDonald’s, Desenio, Mermaid&Me, Sephora, Flaconi, About You, OBI, Banana Beauty, Jever, Hey Estrid, Bebe, Zalando, and many others)