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… with their credibility, strong individual values, consistent look and feel, and vast media experience.

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Our stars achieve millions of reach with their passion for what they love to do most: share emotions.

Julian Claßen


6.3 million followers

4 million subscribers

3.1 million followers

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen


559 thousand subscribers

246 thousand followers

148 thousand subscribers

Rafael Neugart


888 thousand followers

1.5 million subscribers

Claudelle Deckert


100 thousand followers

Tanja Makarić


375 thousand followers

Yassin Zamraoui


524 thousand followers

16 thousand followers

Bianca Schmitt


320 thousand followers

Mega Influencer Julian Claaßen
Mega Influencer Julian Claaßen

Talented artists

Our focus is to connect to artists who are talented, determined, hard-working and motivated a healthy, down-to-earth foundation.

In a steady dialogue we experience a long-lasting and sustainable relation with the artist.


Success is not defined by doing everything, but by what and how you do it.

Sometimes saying no is the real guarantee of success.

That’s why honest interaction with the artist are our first priority.

Super Influencer Rafael Neugart
Super Influencer Bianca Schmitt


A good story, is a crucial key to success.

The point is not about telling fairy tales, but to experience the personality of the artist within an entertaining, informative context.

We Are Family

Emotional, family oriented artists

Up To Date

Lifestyle appearances on the pulse of time

One In A Million

Unique artists with unique arrangements